The Weather Forecast – Perfect Storm’s Weekly Newsletter

January 4, 2021

Happy New Year!
We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  We are excited to resume programming today even if it is virtually.  We have missed seeing our athletes over the break and look forward to getting everyone back on track over the next few weeks.

As we explained in our last update on Dec 31, all-star and prep athletes will resume their once a week practices starting this week.  The schedule and links will be the same as before the break.  Coaches will post reminders on team Facebook pages with the day, time, and link. We recognize that virtual training is not ideal but coaches will be working hard to keep athletes active and engaged during Zoom practices.  We ask that athletes have a space free from distractions so that they can focus on their coaches and what is being asked of them.  Coaches will be doing their best to provide meaningful training to all athletes.  Practices will include warm up, jumps & jump conditioning, stretching, some base/strength training as well as other cardio and strength training.  Teams may also be marking through sections of their routines and reviewing counts.  Younger teams may have some fun themes for each practice to help keep the kids engaged.  There may be some games played but most, if not all, will have some fitness or cheer elements to them.  Practices may also end with some “circle time” where there is discussion that may or may not be related to cheer.  This is something that is also done when we have in person practices at the gym.  Not only do we want to keep the kids physically active, we want to keep them connected to the teammates and coaches.  This social aspect is also an important part of what we do.

Virtual Classes – Jumps, Stretch, and Fitness – classes start this week!

  • Jumps & Jump Conditioning with Coach Jesse – Mondays 4:00-4:45pm $45 per month

  • Stretch/Flyer Training with Coach Heather – Mon-Wed 7:00-7:45 and Thurs 3:30-4:15.  All 4 classes for $65 per month

  • Fitness Classes with Coach Leanne (geared towards adults but kids welcome) – Tuesday and Thursday 9:15-9:45am.  Once a week 30 per month, twice a week $45 per month

Register now through your Jackrabbit account.

Additional Optional Classes
We are excited to be offering 5 additional 20-25 min classes each week that athletes can choose to participate in as follows:

  • Fitness – Mondays at 6:30pm (Coach Leanne) and Wednesdays at 6pm (Coach Sam)

  • Stretch – Tuesdays at 6pm (Coach Makenna)

  • Jumps & Conditioning – Wednesdays at 6:30pm (Coach Jesse)

  • Base Training – Thursdays at 6pm (Coach Stan)

A single Zoom link will be used for all 5 classes.
LINK – see your emailed version for the link
Athletes should log on no sooner than 5 minutes before a class starts and the coach will join about 2 minutes before the start time.  Athletes must keep their computers on mute.  Anyone not complying with this may be removed from the class.

Private Lessons
If restrictions are lifted on or around Jan 12, we will be scheduling each all-star cheer athlete in U6 through U17 for one 25 minute in-person private lesson at the gym between January 16 and January 31.  These lessons will take place on the same day as your weekend practice and as close to your practice time as possible.  This lesson will only happen if restrictions are lifted.  If we are not able to open, you will have $30 taken off of your February fees (which are also TBD based on AHS restrictions.)  Because prep teams only have 1 practice per week and we will only have half a month, we will not be scheduling them each a lesson but we will have openings for lessons should prep athletes or open athletes want to book any at $30 per 25 minute lesson.  All Star athletes will be able to book additional lessons as well.  More information to follow once we know if we can offer this.