The Weather Forecast – Perfect Storm’s Weekly Newsletter

Weather Forecast – Jan.21st

Open Gym This Week
Friday 1-3pm *No evening open gym*
Saturday – 4-6pm
*There is no Friday evening open gym this week due a booking in the gym*

Next Competitions
All prep & all-star teams and Sunshine will be participating in the Battle of Champions. All-Star Teams will compete both Saturday AND Sunday. Prep teams will be Saturday ONLY. More info to follow once we have a final schedule. Day 1 performance times are posted on the front board, please wait for official meet times. For all competition dates, please refer to our Program Handbook on our website.

Upcoming Gym Closures
January 31-Feb 2 – The gym is closed for classes and practices due to all-star & prep teams competing in Calgary.
Feb 14-16 – The gym is closed for Family Day weekend (Fri-Sun).  We are OPEN for regular classes & practices on Monday, Feb.17. Feb.28-Mar.1st – The gym is closed for classes and practices due to most all-star teams competing in Edmonton.

With the cold weather, we know that no one wants to be outside for long but we cannot have parents lined up in front of the gym waiting for athletes.  This is extremely unsafe and blocks traffic. Please find a parking spot and wait or come in to pick up your child. We also ask that athletes do not come into or leave the gym without pants or coats. Please DO not PARK behind the Boss lubricant semi trucks. We share our parking lot with other businesses please help us in this. Please be careful entering and exiting the parking lot there are athletes crossing the road constantly.

Competition Bows
We have extra competition bows for both prep ($20) and all-star ($25) available in the Storm Seller.