The Weather Forecast – Perfect Storm’s Weekly Newsletter

The Weather Forecast – October 11, 2018

Old Dutch Chip Fundraiser

Pickup is this Today, October 11 between 5:00-7:00Orders cannot be held.

Chocolate Fundraiser

Closes this Sunday, October 14 at 5pm

Please note the following important information:

*You are responsible to pay $60 for each case you have signed out.

*We will accept UNOPENED cases for full credit to your account.

*We will ONLY accept CASH or EFT payment. Absolutely no coin will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*Please review EFT rules prior to sending payments!!

*Returns and cash payments can be made at the gym between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. EFT payments will be accepted until 5:00pm.

*Anyone who does not submit payment in full for chocolates signed out will not be allowed to participate in future fundraisers until their account is cleared.

*If you are unable to return your unopened cases of chocolates on October 14, you are responsible to pay for them – no exceptions.

EFT Payments go to – [email protected] Password must be – purple

****and please state in your message what payment is for and your full name and your athletes name please

Open Gym this week

Friday 1pm-3pm & 6:30pm-8:30pm and Saturday 5pm-7pm.


It’s that time of year when illness and bad weather can make it hard to attend practice.  Please take extra measures to ensure the safe and on time arrival of athletes to practice and lessons.


– Nails and jewellery are still proving to be an issue during practice.  There NO jewellery allowed during practice and nails are to be kept short for the safety of our athletes
– All outside footwear is to be removed at the front door and kept on the shelving provided by the front door.  No exceptions.
– With competitions around the corner, please note that only natural hair colors will be acceptable as part of our competition uniform

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