The Weather Forecast – Perfect Storm’s Weekly Newsletter

Weather Forecast – Aug 14

Important Dates

We have confirmed our dates for both our Showcase and first competition of the season.

Frostbite (Lethbridge) Nov 24th

Inspire (Edmonton) Dec 8th


New In September!

Day time programs! We are excited to be able to offer daytime programing for ages 3.5-6 years old. Classes run for 10 weeks September-November.

Rec Periwinkle – Mondays 1:00-2:00pm – Ages 3.5-6 years.

Ninja Warrior – Mondays 2:00-3:00pm – Ages 3.5-6 years.


Day time Drop in

We will be offering a daytime drop-in on Wednesdays from  1-3pm for just $5 per visit for Storm athletes and $10 for non-Storm athletes. This will start on Wednesday, Sept 5th. This is open to all ages.


Open Gym this week

There is no open gym this week due to skills camps.

NEW Saturday 5-7pm open gyms start on Sept 8th!


Tumbling Classes- OPEN TOMORROW!

Be Sure to log into your account and register for a tumbling class as soon as you can as spaces are limited. All level 1 & 2 all-star atheltes must take a class or private package. We also recommend them for rec, prep and level 3+ atheltes. If you have any questions what tumbling class to register your athlete in, please contact their team coach.


Private Packages

In person private package booking start tomorrow open to all athletes currently enrolled in an all-star or prep program here at Perfect Storm Calgary. The private schedule should be updated by the end of the night tonight.


Perfection Packages will start at 5:00pm followed by Passion (approx. 5:45pm) and Pride (approx. 6:30pm). There will be a booking sign in  sheet at the front desk for each package starting at 4:30pm on the 15th. The sign in sheet is simply in lieu of people having to stand in line. You are welcome to come by any time after 4:30pm to add your name to the list and we will call you in order, starting with perfection at 5:00pm.

You can also register for private packages via email to [email protected] . Please indicate the package you would like, the times and coaches you would like to book. Jesse will be working on inputting these into the system as quickly as possible but we will also be coaching skills camps from 9am-8pm for the next 6 days straight. Thank you for your patience.


For more information on our tumbling programs, please refer to the Program Handbook on our website.



All-Star Team Camps


All-star team camps are mandatory and have already been paid through your program fees. There are NO regular team practices during skills camps.

Camps are as follows:


Aug 15-17 (9:00am-2:00pm)


Mini 2 Whiteout (9:00-12:00pm)


Senior 2 Hail


Senior 1 Tempest


Junior 1 Mist


Aug 15-17 (3:00-8:00pm)


Youth 3 Monsoon


Youth 1 Coldfront


Youth 1 Ice Quake


Aug 18-20 (9:00am-2:00pm)


Mini 1 Bolts (9:00-12:00pm)


Mini 1 Frostbite (9:00-12:00pm)


Tiny 1 Ice Crystals (9:00-12:00pm)


Junior 3 Chinook


Aug 18-20 (3:00-8:00pm)


Youth 2 Twisters


Youth 2 Heatwave


Junior 2 Freeze


Senior 4 Ice Out



All-Star Choreography


Each all-star team will be getting a 3-5 hour choreography block in October. Times are as follows:


Sept 27 – 4:00-9:00pm – Ice Out


Sept 28 – 4:00-9:00pm – Coldfront & Chinook


Sept 29 – 9:00-2:00pm – Ice Quake & Monsoon


– 3:00-8:00pm – Twisters & Heatwave


Sept 30 – 9:00- 12:00pm – Boltz & Ice Crystals


–  1:00-4:00pm – Whiteout & Frostbite


– 5:00-10:00pm – Purple Reign & Electric


Oct 2 – 4:00-9:00pm – Mist & Tempest


Oct 3 – 4:00-9:00pm – Hail & Freeze


Rec Cheer 

Registration is open for all of our recreational cheer teams that start in September. Rec classes are great for people who would like to try cheerleading but aren’t ready to commit to an all-star or prep team. We have classes for athletes ages 3.5-12 years old. We also have an awesome adult Rec team for ages 18+!

You can register online or call the gym.

Check out Cheer


We are having a check out Cheer on August 22 & 23rd. If you have any friends interested in trying out cheer, this is the perfect opportunity.


Open 2.0 

Registration is now open for our Open 2.0 team. This is a  team for atheltes 18+ who are looking for more of a challenge. They will compete at 3 competitions this season. If you would like more information on Open 2.0 please contact [email protected]