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Open Gym This Week

Friday, August 23 1:00 – 3:00 and 6:30 – 8:30

Friday, August 30 1:00- 3:00 and 6:30 – 8:30

Fall Tumbling – Registration is open to Perfect Storm Athletes
Fall tumbling classes and semi-private packages are open for registration.  All level 1 and 2 all-star athletes are required to take a tumbling class or a series of semi-private lessons.  Please log in and register now to save your spot.

August 21 at 5:00 we will start BOOKING private packages at the gym. You can also start registering for packages now and emailing you preferred private spots to Emilyy. Privates will be put at a first come first serve basis.

  • Perfection – 20 fall lessons & 20 winter lessons- $150 per month (for 8 months – Sept-Apr)
  • Passion – 15 fall lessons & 15 winter lessons – $112.50 per month (for 8 months – Sept-Apr)
  • Pride – 10 fall lessons & 10 winter lessons – $75 per month (for 8 months – Sept-Apr)

Uniform Sizers – sizes due August 28 for prep, special abilities, & all-star

We have uniform sizers in the gym for prep and all-star athletes.  Anyone who needs a prep or all-star uniform is asked to stop in between now and August 28 to size for a uniform.  Perfect Storm staff and coaches are not responsible for sizing athletes.  There is a binder on the table where you can fill in the size(s) you would like to order.  You can order a different size bodysuit and skirt (or top and pants for boys).

How Should Uniforms Fit? Uniforms should be snug with some room for athletes to move – reach above and behind their heads, bend over, etc.  Please note that all uniforms fit long.  This is the final year for these uniforms, so you do not need to leave a lot of room for growth as these will only be used until April 2020.

Check Out Cheer
Do you have a friend interested in cheer but would like to try it first?  We are running “Check Out Cheer” classes on August 22.  Class is $10 for 1 hour!  Register through our website or call the gym.  We still have lots of room in all of our recreational cheer programs that start in September.

Flyer Training & Conditioning – Fall Session
We are now offering flyer training classes. Saturday 11:00 – 12:00, Thursday 7:00- 8:00, Sunday 3:00 – 4:00. Please register online now.

Fall Recreational:

We are taking registration for our FALL rec classes. Register Online

Sunshine (Special Abilities)
Sunday 12-1
Ages: 6+

Tsumommies ( Adult Open Rec)
Sunday 5-7
Ages 18+

Purple (Youth)
Thursday 7:30- 9:00
Ages 9-13

Silver (Youth)
Saturday 2:00- 3:30
Ages 9-13

Violet (Mini)
Age: 7-8
Thursday 6:30- 7:30

Amethyst (Mini)
Age: 7-8
Saturday 11:00- 12:00

Lilac (Tiny)
Age: 5-6
Saturday 10:30- 11:30


Special Order Joggers – orders due 9pm on August 22.  Click here to order.

Come and have fun and meet more of our coaching staff. We are also looking for volunteers to help us with our fun activities. If you would like to help out please reach out to any of our PARENT ASSOCIATION.