Weather Forecast – November 9, 2020

Inspire – All-Star Cheer & Dance Teams
The performance schedule will be as follows:
Saturday Dec 12: 10:00am Heatwave, 10:15 Cold Front, 11:00 Frostbite, 11:45 Fury, 12:15pm Freeze, 1:15 Turbulence.  Breeze will have their regular practice 3:00-4:50 as prep teams are not participating in Inspire.
Sunday Dec 13: 1:30 Ice Crystals, 1:45 Derecho, 2:00 Ice Quake, 2:15 El Nino, 2:30 Monsoon, 2:45 Chinook, 3:30 Velocity (will run until 5pm due to this being a once/week team)
More details will follow soon on this virtual event. 

November 11 & 16 Clinics
The gym is open for regular classes and practices on November 11 and we have added some daytime clinics as well.  We also have some clinics running Nov 16. We have clinics for walkovers, handsprings, aerials, punch fronts, tucks and level 5 skills.

Winter is Here
Now that the snow is here we ask that athletes NOT wear their cheer shoes into the gym.  Please place your outdoor footwear on the racks provided.  Please only bring into the gym what you need.  Jackets and pants can be put in your bag and left while you practice.

Parents, we cannot allow athletes into the gym more than 5 minutes before practice or we are breaking the 50 person rule.  If you have to leave before your child is in the gym PLEASE ensure they are dressed appropriately.  All athletes must wear a mask into the gym and for the majority of their practice.  Going forward anyone who comes into the gym without a mask will be charged $3 for a disposable one.  We still have some reusable adult Storm masks available for $5.  

Parking at the Back
Parents are welcome to park at the back of the gym in the spots along the grass and you may drive up closer to the door for pick up but we ask that you do not park (for any longer than drop off/pick up) closer as it creates congestion for others dropping off and picking up.

Special Order Items

New water bottle$15.00Nov 9 @ 9pm
Stormy the Bear$15.00Nov 9 @ 9pm
Purple Twin Pocket Pouch$7.50Nov 9 @ 9pm
Storm Coffee Mug$12.00Nov 9 @ 9pm
Christmas Keepsake Ornament$16.00Nov 9 @ 9pm

November fundraisers include Mixing Spoons (Nov 6-16) and Kernels popcorn (Nov 11-25).  For all the details please visit the parents’ association website: Fundraising Website.

Finalizing our competition schedule has been a taxing challenge because of the uncertainty around COVID and the changing format of events. We are excited with what we have come up with for all our athletes! The opportunity for all-star teams to compete 9-10 times and prep 5 times will add so much excitement.  (Many of these events will be virtual and will happen during regular practice times!) The chance to compete against athletes from across western Canada and possibly further will be amazing. We will announce the details later this week so please watch your inbox.