2022-23 Season

Team placements for our 2022-23 competitive prep & all-star teams have wrapped up. Please email [email protected] or call 587-893-8676 to learn more about what opportunities we have for you. To learn more about our cheer programs, please click here.

Winter rec cheer
These classes are designed for those new to the sport and want to try a short session before committing to a longer session or a competitive program.

  • Winter session runs Jan to March
  • Classes are once a week for 55-85 minutes
  • Kids classes for ages 4-13
  • Many rec cheer classes also have an optional tumbling class before or after cheer practice

2. Tumbling Classes
Tumbling classes incorporate strength training and drills in order for athletes to learn a variety of tumbling skills from basic to elite.

  • Classes are based on cheer levels.  See below for details
  • We offer several level 1 / recreational tumbling classes

4. Tumbling Clinics & Camps

Please click here to view what classes are open for registration. 

Tumbling Levels:
Level 1 – works on rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, bridges and walkovers.
Level 2 – must have strong level 1 skills.  Working on handsprings.
Level 3 – must have strong level 2 skills.  Working on tucks and aerials.
Level 4 – must have strong level 3 skills. Working on layouts, standing tucks and other specialty skills.
Level 5 – must have strong level 4 skills. Working on fulls, doubles, standing fulls and other specialty skills.

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