July & August 2021

All-Star Program

  • Team placement training July 5-Aug 12 – once a week.  
  • This is the beginning of our team placement process and while it is not mandatory, it is encouraged so that athletes maintain and improve their skills & fitness levels.  
  • Athletes should register in the age and skill level they plan to try out for for the 2021-22 season
  • Training will have a focus on stunting with time spent on tumbling, including skill development, skill perfection, and synchronization.

Prep and Rec Program

  • Cheer & tumbling classes for different age groups. 
  • Classes will focus on stunting, tumbling, jumps, motions, and fitness. 
  • Take a week long summer camp!  Options for ages 4-15!  Click here for info on camps.

Additional Classes

  • Tumbling classes by level
  • Flyer training for improved air positions & flexibility
  • Jump & Fitness classes (great for those who cannot or do not tumble)
  • Recreational freestyle pom for youth & junior age athletes interested in learning some dance techniques including kicks and turns, and leaps
  • Semi-private tumbling lessons.  Here is a link to the semi-private lesson schedule: Semi-Private Tumbling Schedule

Please click here to view our summer schedule.

All-Star Age Divisions for the 2021-22 Season

Division Birth Year
Tiny (U6) 2015-2017
Mini (U8) 2013-2014
Youth (U12) 2009-2012
Junior (U16) 2005-2008
Open (14+) 2008 & earlier*

*Generally the open program is for athletes age 17 and up but there are exceptions.

Please click here to view what classes are open for registration. 

Tumbling Levels:
Level 1 – works on rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, bridges and walkovers.
Level 2 – must have strong level 1 skills.  Working on handsprings.
Level 3 – must have strong level 2 skills.  Working on tucks and aerials.
Level 4 – must have strong level 3 skills. Working on layouts, standing tucks and other specialty skills.
Level 5 – must have strong level 4 skills. Working on fulls, doubles, standing fulls and other specialty skills.

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