Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old does my child need to be to start cheer?
A: We have programs for kids as young as 4.  We require that they turn 4 by the start date of the program.

Q: What kind of experience do I need to join a team?
A: Many of our programs do not require any experience.  Our rec, prep and level 1 all-star teams are all entry level teams.  Our level 2 and higher teams do require some previous experience or specific skills in order to be on a team.

Q: What is the difference between rec, prep, and all-star?
A: All three types of cheer cover the same elements of cheer (stunting, tumbling, jumping, and dancing).  Rec is a once a week commitment for a 3-4 month period.  Prep is a once a week commitment from September through March.  All-star is a twice a week 10 month commitment from June through April.

Q: What do all of the levels mean? 
A:  The levels have corresponding tumbling, stunting and jumping skills.  Level 1 is the beginner or more entry level, although many athletes remain at level 1 for several years.  One of the great things about cheerleading is that we offer basic levels for ages 3-18.  While many athletes join cheer at a young age, there is still a place on a competitive team for a 15 year old (for example) who has never cheered.  Click here for more information on the levels of cheerleading.

Q: When can I join a team?
A: We choose our all-star teams in May and generally continue to add athletes to these teams until mid-September, pending space on the team and the team’s needs.  Registration for all-star team placements will open in February of each year.  Prep teams start in September and depending on space, we can add athletes for 2-3 weeks.  Registration for prep teams will being in February.  Recreational programs start in September and January.  Registration opens in June for fall rec teams that start in September then in October for our  winter classes that start in January.  We will take new athletes for about 2 weeks after the program start date pending availability.

Q: How much does cheerleading cost?
A: All of our fees are listed in our Program Handbook.  Our 3-4 month rec program is a very affordable option for most families.  Prep is a 7 month commitment and includes tuition, competition fees, and a uniform.  All-star is an 11 month commitment and includes tuition, competition fees and a uniform as well as travel fees for most teams.  Please ensure you read through the Program Handbook carefully and understand all fees prior to committing to any program.  Outside funding is available for low income families through Kidsport or Jumpstart.  Please note that all funding money must be received prior to fee due dates.

Q: Can I try a class before I commit to a program?
A: Yes.  Several times each year we offer a class called “Check Out Cheer”.  It’s a quick one hour class that allows kids to try the sport.  They are introduced to the fundamentals of cheerleading.

Q: Do you offer fundraising opportunities?
A: Yes!  We have a very active parents’ association who run several fundraisers throughout the season.  All fundraisers are optional and all the money you raise through fundraising goes directly to your cheer fees to pay for tuition, uniforms, travel, etc.

Q: Do you offer a family discount?
A: Yes! Cheerleading is a great sport for the entire family! As a special offer for families with two or more competitive cheer athletes (prep & all-star) we are pleased to offer 15% off cheer program fees & monthly tumbling class tuition for each additional child.  These do not apply when an athlete is a crossover as they already get a crossover discount.

Q: Can I take a tumbling class or go to a tumbling clinic if I’m not on a cheer team?
A: Yes.  Our tumbling classes are geared towards our cheer teams as all of our level 1 & 2 cheer athletes are required to take a class.  If space permits, we do accept registrations from the general public.  Clinics are open to anyone as long as they meet any prerequisite skill requirements.

Q: When can I come and see the gym?
A: If you would like to stop by for a tour, please call or email us to arrange a time.  Email [email protected] or call 587-893-8676.