March Programs

We are so excited to be training in our gyms again!
Here is what we have open for March:

Prep athletes along with new and former rec athletes are invited to register for a cheer class. These classes will run once a week for 50 minutes and will include training in motions, jumps, tumbling, and dance.  Coaches will take a video at the last class for parents to see what the kids have learned.  Prep/rec athletes are also welcome to book in for private lessons (above) or they can also take a tumbling class.

A very limited number of tumbling classes will also be offered.  Please ensure your child is registered in the correct level.  If you are unsure, please contact your coach or email [email protected] so we can help you out. 

Finally, we will also be offering two flyer training/stretch classes.  These are excellent classes for anyone who is or would like to be a flyer, or for those looking to improve their flexibility. 

All classes are loaded into our system and can be viewed through the customer portal.  Registration will open Thursday, February 17 at 9am.

Important reminders for ALL programs:

  • Athletes must wear a mask for the duration of their time in the gym including during physical activity.  It may be pulled down to get fresh air but otherwise masks stay on.
  • Athletes will be kept 3 meters apart when doing physical activity.
  • Group sizes will not exceed 9 athletes and 1 coach.
  • There are no cohort requirements.  Athletes may be in as many small groups as they want.
  • Parents are not permitted in the gym to watch.  Videos will be shared when appropriate.
  • Athletes may enter the gym no more than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled start time and must leave the gym immediately after their class.  
  • We will send additional COVID protocol information to those who register.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call 587-893-8676.

Registration for March classes will open at 9am Thursday, February 18.

Day Cheer Classes Time Coach Openings
Monday U8 Cheer Ages 7-8 5-5:50pm Stan 9
Monday U6 Cheer Ages 5-6 5-5:50pm Alexis 8
Monday U12 Cheer Ages 9-11 6-6:50pm Chloe/Carisa 9
Monday U12 Cheer Ages 9-11 7-7:50pm Carisa 9
Saturday U6/U8 Cheer Ages 5-8 1-1:50pm Chloe 8
Saturday U12/U17 Cheer Ages 9-16 2-2:50pm Chloe 9


Day Tumbling Classes Time Coach Openings
Monday Level 1 Tumbling (Ages 8-13) 7-7:50pm Chloe 8
Tuesday Level 2 Tumbling (Ages 8-17) 5-5:50pm Jesse 8
Tuesday Level 1 Tumbling (Ages 8-17) 5-5:50pm Kim 8
Wednesday Level 1 Tumbling (Ages 6-9) 4-4:50pm Stan 8
Wednesday Level 4 Tumbling 7-7:50pm Jesse 8
Friday Level 1 Tumbling (Ages 5+) 2-2:50pm Carisa 8
Friday Level 2 Tumbling (Ages 7+) 2-2:25pm Alexis 8
Sunday Level 3 Tumbling 11-11:50am Emilyy 8
Sunday Level 5 Tumbling 12-12:50pm Jesse 8

Tumbling Levels:
Level 1 – works on rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, bridges and walkovers.
Level 2 – must have strong level 1 skills.  Working on handsprings.
Level 3 – must have strong level 2 skills.  Working on tucks and aerials.
Level 4 – must have strong level 3 skills. Working on layouts, standing tucks.
Level 5 – must have strong level 4 skills. Working on fulls, doubles, standing fulls

Day Other Classes Time Coach Openings
Saturday Flyer Training 12-12:50pm Heather 9