All-Star Program

  • Team placement training 
  • This is the beginning of our team placement process and while it is not mandatory, it is encouraged so that athletes maintain and improve their skills & fitness levels.  
  • Athletes should register in the age and skill level they plan to try out for for the 2021-22 season
  • May training will have a focus on tumbling, including skill development, skill perfection, and synchronization.
  • Classes will be 50 minutes long.  For some groups/divisions it shows a longer time frame in the JackRabbit class listing.  This just means that athletes will be slotted in for 50 minutes within that time period.  We will assign athletes to exact times the week prior to the class starting so please register sooner than later.  We will also consider the other classes you are registering for when assigning groups to ensure there are no conflicts.

Prep and Rec Program

  • Cheer & tumbling classes for different age groups. 
  • Classes will focus on tumbling, jumps, motions, and fitness. 

Additional Classes

  • Tumbling classes by level
  • Flyer training for improved air positions & flexibility
  • Jump & Fitness classes (great for those who cannot or do not tumble)
  • Recreational freestyle pom for youth & junior age athletes interested in learning some dance techniques including kicks and turns, and leaps
  • Semi-private tumbling lessons.  Here is a link to the semi-private lesson schedule: Semi-Private Tumbling Schedule

All-Star Age Divisions for the 2021-22 Season

Division Birth Year
Tiny (U6) 2015-2017
Mini (U8) 2013-2014
Youth (U12) 2009-2012
Junior (U16) 2005-2008
Open (14+) 2008 & earlier*

*Generally the open program is for athletes age 17 and up but there are exceptions.


Please click here to view what classes are open for registration. 

Important reminders for ALL programs (based on current AHS restrictions):

  • Athletes must wear a mask for the duration of their time in the gym including during physical activity.  It may be pulled down to get fresh air but otherwise masks stay on.
  • Athletes will be kept 3 meters apart when doing physical activity.
  • Group sizes will not exceed 9 athletes and 1 coach.
  • There are no cohort requirements.  Athletes may be in as many small groups as they want.
  • Parents are not permitted in the gym to watch.  Videos will be shared when appropriate.
  • Athletes may enter the gym no more than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled start time and must leave the gym immediately after their class.  
  • We will send additional COVID protocol information to those who register.


Tumbling Levels:
Level 1 – works on rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, bridges and walkovers.
Level 2 – must have strong level 1 skills.  Working on handsprings.
Level 3 – must have strong level 2 skills.  Working on tucks and aerials.
Level 4 – must have strong level 3 skills. Working on layouts, standing tucks.
Level 5 – must have strong level 4 skills. Working on fulls, doubles, standing fulls

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