Storm Chasers Calgary Parents Association

The Calgary parents’ association is a non-profit parent group whose sole purpose is to provide fundraising opportunities for families at Perfect Storm Athletics in order to help offset program costs. Fundraising is completely optional. Other than a small amount (approx 5%) dedicated to cover expenses of the Parents Association and an athlete scholarship fund, all net profits are allocated directly to your family’s account at Perfect Storm Athletics. Fundraisers offered include: Mabels’ Labels, wreaths & poinsettias, chocolates, Kernels popcorn and more.

All communication for the Storm Cheer and Dance Society parents’ association can be found in our Facebook group “Storm Chasers Calgary”.  This is a private group and only those whose names are in our registration system will be approved as members.  If you have difficulty being approved, please contact the gym.
Important information is also sent through Perfect Storm’s weekly newsletter, The Weather Forecast.

Board Members:

Sarah Schulz – President
Tammy Ziolkowski, Vice President
Lori Herard – Treasurer
Sara Black – Secretary
Sandy McGrath – Director
Brandy Sunley – Events Coordinator
Jenna Kennedy – Fundraiser Coordinator
Jill Meahan – Volunteer Coordinator
Upcoming Events: 
Silent Auction / Pub Night Nov.2nd
Current Fundraising: Chocolates will start in August, Apples in September, Old Dutch Chips in October