Storm Chasers Calgary Parents Association

The Calgary parents’ association is a non-profit parent group whose sole purpose is to provide fundraising opportunities for families at Perfect Storm Athletics in order to help offset program costs. Fundraising is completely optional. Other than a small amount (approx 5%) dedicated to cover expenses of the Parents Association and an athlete scholarship fund, all net profits are allocated directly to your family’s account at Perfect Storm Athletics. Fundraisers offered include: Mabels’ Labels, wreaths & poinsettias, chocolates, Kernels popcorn and more.

All communication for the Storm Cheer and Dance Society parents’ association can be found in our Facebook group “Storm Chasers Calgary”.  This is a private group and only those whose names are in our registration system will be approved as members.  If you have difficulty being approved, please contact the gym.  There is also a page dedicated to fundraising: Perfect Storm Calgary Fundraising
Important information is also sent through Perfect Storm’s weekly newsletter, The Weather Forecast.

2022/23 Board Members:

President – Trecia Doughlin
Past President – Jenna Kennedy
Vice President – Diane Perizzolo
Treasurer – Sara Black
Secretary – Stephanie Carless
Director at Large – Marla Marshall
Fundraising Coordinator – Amanda Phillips
Volunteer Coordinator – Nichola McTeer
Volunteer Committee – Holly Balderston
Current Fundraiser:
More information for Fundraiser can be found on our website: