Safe Sport Resources

At Perfect Storm, safety is one of our core values.  We take great care to ensure our athletes are safe in every respect and we want to ensure everyone is aware of all the opportunities available to them to report concerns.

  • If the immediate safety of an athlete is not at issue, but you have a concern, you may reach out to the coach, the gym manager, or a gym owner.
  • Every report will be taken seriously.

There is also information on the Alberta Cheerleading Association website here: ACA Safe Sport

From the ACA website:


Alberta Cheerleading Association (ACA) is committed to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy and inclusive sports environment where all members can participate in their sport free from abuse, maltreatment, harassment and discrimination. If you have a concern or have seen a member breach an ACA Policy, please take the most appropriate action from the list below to report this concern or violation.

For more information regarding ACA’s policies please visit

Duty to Report

All ACA Participants are expected to promptly report any behaviour of which they become aware that may constitute a breach of the Code of Conduct Policy or contravenes the law. This includes situations where the breach is suspected, provided the ACA Participant has reasonable grounds to believe such suspicion is true.

If you have reasonable grounds to suspect that an individual is or may be suffering from emotional abuse, physical abuse, and/or sexual abuse, you should immediately report the suspicion and the information on which it is based to the local child protection agency and/or the local police department. Once you have taken the urgent action to protect a child in danger, please contact the ACA to ensure we are informed and can take any required action.

Report at the Program Level

In a situation where the alleged misconduct is less severe, and may not risk the safety, health or well-being of an athlete, the ACA encourages all members including: athletes, coaches, parents, gym owners, judges and volunteers to try and respectfully address the issue with the individual. If the first response is unsuccessful, individuals with unresolved concerns should then contact their gym manager or owner, club president or board of directors, if possible.

Report at ACA level

The ACA should receive reports from individuals in any the following circumstances:

  • concerns relating to Team Canada and Cheer Canada activities/events,
  • if the individual had unsuccessful attempts to address their concerns at the first two levels,
  • concerns involving multiple PSOs,
  • if concerns are not related to program operations, or
  • if the complaints are of a more serious nature and may involve abuse, harassment or discrimination.

The ACA will use reasonable efforts to conduct the initial review and assessment in confidence, including where possible, protecting the anonymity of the Whistleblower. This includes reports, complaints, witness statements and other documents. Anonymous reports, while discouraged, can be submitted, but complaint processing may be hampered due to the ACA’s’s inability to clarify detailed information with the person reporting the concern.

Submitting a Report

Good Faith Reporting

A reporting person who files an ACA Code of Conduct Violation form must do so with no malice and/or information known to be false, fabricated or retaliatory in nature. Reporters must have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed does indeed indicate a violation. Knowingly submitting a false or malicious report will be viewed as a major infraction.

There will be no retaliation of good faith reports that turn out to be unsubstantiated. No reporting person shall suffer retaliation or harassment as a result of their report.

Canadian Sport Helpline:

Available to provide you with advice, guidance, and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately in the circumstances.


Phone/Text Message: 1-888-837-7678

Additional resources are published on the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport website.